Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CVS Home Drug Test

The home drug test kits offered at CVS are much higher priced than the home drug tests you see online.  The drug store home drug test kits range in price from $15.99 to $42.99.  On a recent visit to CVS, these are the drug tests that were available:

However there are home drug tests available online for $1.95 to $8.20 for what looks to be the same thing.

cheaper drug tests from HomeHealthTesting.com
What is the difference between the drug store drug test and the online drug test?
 All of the drug tests sold in CVS include Lab Testing whether you use the lab services or not while the cheaper drug tests available online do not include the lab confirmation.  If you buy the CVS 12 Panel Drug Test for $42.99 and the person you are testing is negative on all twelve drugs, you will not use the lab confirmation services.  Even if you get a positive result on the CVS test, you are not required to send the sample to the lab.

Some people use the Marijuana 1 Drug Test to test themselves to find out if they are positive or negative for THC use when they know they have used pot in the last few weeks and are concerned about an upcoming drug test at work.  When using a home drug test for self testing, you will not need lab confirmation since you actually know you may be positive.

The quality and accuracy of the instant test strip from the drugstore and from the online stores is the same.  Just make sure you purchase instant tests that are FDA cleared and you will know you have a quality test.  In other words, the expensive drugstore drug tests are the same quality as the cheap online instant tests, the only difference is the lab testing that is included with a CVS drug test.

When is Laboratory Testing necessary?

If you test someone and get a positive result for a drug and want to find out specifically what caused the positive.  Pharmaceutical drugs can possibly interact with the drug test and some substances can cause a false positive.  If you send the urine sample to the lab, they will confirm exactly what chemical caused the positive result.